Enjoying computers since highschool; as freelancer since 2006.
I started with ASM using good old TASM in 1990
Moved to Turbo C++ in 1991. Never liked Turbo Pascal.
Adopted Clipper Autumn’86 soon replaced by Summer’87 in 1992, started doing a living out of it. Learned database concepts.
Moved to Clipper 5+ in 1993.
Mixed Visual C++ 1.0 with MFC 2.0 in 1993.
Dealt with some SQL 6.5 in 1996. More database concepts.
Switched to Visual C++ 5.0 with MFC 4.2 in 1997.
Switched to Visual C++ 6.0 in 1998.
In 2000 I started dealing with SQL Server 7.0.
In 2001 I switched to SQL Server 2000 and the OLAP bundle. Played hard with DTS.
In 2002 I was introduced to the noble craft of SQL query tuning and access optimization.
In 2003 I started working with Visual Studio .NET 2002 bundle.
In 2004 I began playing with the report designer of the first SSRS available, which was a sort of an add on of SQL 2000.

From 2006 onward I’ve been:
– programming in C#, VB.NET and C++. Sometimes complex software, sometimes basic services, sometimes a mixture of both
– designing distributed and pipe-lined applications
– designing load balancing approaches using well known algorithms
– playing with data using SSIS
– creating DWH with SQL Server and OLAP databases with SSAS
– extracting different types of reports with SSRS
– modelling and accessing data
– optimizing access to such data

God is a challenge because there is no proof of his existence and therefore the search must continue.
Donald Knuth